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 +====== **Where should a Heterotopia Tour take place?** ======
 +The location of the Tour is a key issue. The venue will immediately impact the participants,​ either in a positive or in a negative way.
 +For this reason, we strongly recommend you to check at first:
 +  * the space avalaible : is it big enough so the participants don't feel squeezed into a small place (but have the room they need to feel comfortable)?​
 +  * the topography : is it flat enough to settle tents?
 +  * the shadow : is there one or several places with shadow, to preserve the participants when the sun it shinning? ​
 +  * the soil quality: is there grass? We won't be growing vegies but a piece of grass devoid of pointy rocks is often pleasant...
 +  * the availability of a shelter, in case of rain or storm
 +  * the water access, because human beings tend to need it
 +  * the electricity access, as our electronic devices requires it from time to time.
 +  * the road access: being far from civilisation can have its advantages, but keep in mind it will make any logistical arrangements trickier, and the participants might not be used to being so isolated from "​civilisation"​.  ​
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