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Welcome to Ideals In Action's Wiki

Idea(l)s in action


Some words about the project, the commitments to EU, and individual commitments.
What is planned with the methodological guide
What we expect from the participants contributions, and what will be done with these inputs

Some words about this site

This site is an experimental tool for us to work together on the outputs of Ideal's in action project. It is based on dokuwiki that will allow us to create a sort of Wikipedia of our project. Ok we are not so ambitious but if we manage it will look nice. We hope you will find your way, but if you don't, you can try the hotline so we can guide you:

You can also read about the Formatting Syntax or the dokuwiki manual

How is it organized ?

So the general sitemap is quite simple, we have just created one welcome page (which you are currently reading), and three sections (also called namespaces):

  • guide for the redaction of the methodological guide
  • contributions for the participants articles and contributions about the tours they experimented
  • filmography for the fun ! We invite you to contribute on an eterotopian filmography…

Each of the above sections has its proper landing page to explain you what you can do there and how.

How can you contribute?

Let your mind fill the blank spaces. You can make a first draft save it and continue later, show them to your friends, send them to one of eterotopians friends so he/she can complete it… feel free to share it and create it the way you want. When you have finished, send a smiley to the Via brach'girls !

Ready? Steady ? GO………..

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