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Depends of the size of the group and how deep you want people to express. Count at least 2 minutes to introduce the participants to the method + 2-3 minutes for choosing the character and self-reflection + 3 minutes of expression per person + 10 minutes of discussion Note : this tool is better to be held in smaller groups (as the Base/Family groups we mentioned previously).


1/ After introducing the participants to the exercise, distribute one paper sheet of the “Tree of feelings” (also called “Tree of emotions” or “Blob Tree”) per participant.

2/ Give them 2 minutes of reflection towards the image of the “tree of feelings”/“tree of emotions” to select for themselves a character whose position or expression reveals how they are feeling (or how they experienced one specific moment of the Tour) ;

3/ One by one, the participants explain to the group why they identify themselves into a certain character.

4/ After everyone expressed already, the participants can share the speech to get into more depth, for example: when did this feeling arose, how do they name it and how/if they manage to deal with it, how much they enjoy/suffer from it…

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