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The need of solitude to build a healthy community

In a HeteroTopia Tour participants join in the opportunity to spend time away from the city; that condition certainly helps to the sanity: to have at disposal big spaces and horizons as far as the eye can see and to enjoy clean air to maintain clear ideas; and more, to cohabit with who, as you, decided to start a path to go further the individualism and make it experimenting, with practical issues, concepts as acceptance, dialogue, not judgement, freedom and respect.

Anyway these ideal conditions, it's known, community life can be pretty complex. Heterotopia Tour's participants wind up in the condition to share times, half the time with a so full schedule, and spaces, confined, for many days.

If there is an advice I can suggest it is undoubtedly that to find time to yourself in the pure silence and in the totally absence of other human behaviors with who have interactions. A personal space to can afford the luxury to do anything but just what you really want. Personally I employed that time with meditation. I woke up early in the morning and I dedicated twenty minutes more or less to meditate, in the silence, just with the company of my breath and the wonderful colors of the sunrise across the horizon.

This is not mean that everyone must meditate, obviously, but that every participant need to define a time to spend with herself or himself, without the need to share it with others and without answer to anyone. A sacral moment to meeting with yourself, a moment of cleaning and silence. So, let's find your way! You can have a walk in the wood, practice Tai Chi, doze down the shadow of a tree, read a book, write a diary, collect fruits or whatever. As long as this moment is the result of a choice, not a way to fill a hole between an activity an the other of the group, rather than an active choice to create silence inside and to make this a priority of the day.

Moreover a clear mind that enjoy the time in solitude allow to face the day with more calm and lucidity and this bring stability to all the group. To built this skill could be a very strong issue to bring at home in the daily life; to know how take time to yourself is not a cliché or an ideal condition to chase in the city life between a train and a pilates lesson, it is a real weapon to resilience.

Aliai Nocera Torino, 9th november 2017

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