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Assessment Nicholas Anastasopoulos

Workshop coordinator

HETEROTOPIA TOUR n°2 6/09-27/09/2017

GREECE - Macedonia

My experience from the Heterotopias workshop was rather limited. It consisted of a 24-hour participation in my workshop which had an experiential nature. It was a one-hour participatory game of collaborative techniques and processes around the power and advantage of working together, towards common goals, and for community building. It took place in the gymnasium of the Panagitsa community.

The organizational aspect of the workshop that I coordinated was excellent. The event flowed naturally from the first minute until the end. Participants seemed to engage in the interactive process that the workshop called for. They were enthusiastic about the entire experience.

The rest of my 24-hour experience was free time in the evening and on the following day at the Children's orchard and at the Aridea hot springs.

I think that the choice of the place for the workshop in this community and more specifically the Children's Orchard was brilliant, a discovery for me as well! The Nomadic Kitchen food was amazing, the community spirit among participants was remarkable, and I believe the positive effects on both the local community as well as everyone involved, are to be commended.

I hope that the Heterotopias Erasmus exchange takes root and flourishes. I would only try to keep the relaxed and convivial atmosphere with some improvement on time-keeping. Congratulations to the organizing team for all their efforts towards putting together such a successful event!

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