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The organizing team created papers with different questions. Each of them carried along a number. All participants moved around the room and the papers are placed on the floor. When the sign came, all stop while placing themselves on top of a question. Two or three minutes were given to participants to take notes on the question or reflect on it anyway. The facilitator announced numbers and each person shared his/her point of view on the question corresponding to him/herself.

He/ she had five minutes to express themselves.

Some questions that we chose:

1. Do you have the feeling that the group is “bonded”? Any suggestions?

2. Do you think we are listening to each other? Do you have any suggestions to improve the situation?

3. Did you observe any problem in our community living (sleeping-food-gathering)?

4. What did you like in Heterotopia Tour& made you join it?

5. Are the living conditions in the village appropriate for your needs? What is different from daily life& why?

6. Are you ready for your presentation of an inspiring initiative from your country for the “Initiative Fair” of next Sunday?

7. How was your communication with the trainers till this moment (Jerome, Stavris)?

8. The flexibility in your moving inside the village gives you freedom in everyday life or you think that the group splits?

9. Newer members cope well with the rest of participants that have already experienced the Heterotopia Trip?

10. How would you like us to interact with people in the village?

11. Till now, are you capable of bringing your personal element inside the group (workshops)?

12. How is your communication with the organizing team?

13. Till now, are you capable of bringing your personal element inside the group?

14. Is there a balance between your intellectual& practical activity?

15. Are you expressing yourself in balance in terms of speaking& doing?

This activity raised up some issues that we had. It was quite interesting getting the feeling of how important or not the issues were, so it helped the organizing team to prioritize them. The indicator for this was how much conversation they did bring up! There was some possibility for other people to reflect on one’s question, after this person finished expressing him or herself on the topic. The topics referred to personal awareness & interests, cultural bonding in the group & the surrounding community, but as well to the upcoming activities & a general overview of the whole group. Another interesting aspect was meeting each other’s expression in no context. It was just in the 3rd day that we got in touch with everybody’s mental approach, but also character, meeting the way these questions were answered. So, it was a bit of enlightening experience to get in more personal contact to people who were more introverted or less active than the rest of participants, during the first two days of the Trip.

An illustrated overview of Children's Orchard activities

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