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Photo-language with DIXIT CARDS


Depends of the size of the group and how deep you want people to express. Count at least 5 minutes to introduce the participants to the method + 10 minutes for choosing the card and self-reflection + 2 minutes of expression per person + 15 minutes for closing.


1/ Display all the Dixit cards on a table where the participants can view from above. Put them all together in a way that participants can observe the different colors and images easily;

2/ Ask the participants to pick one that best represents how they feel at this moment in the group and the program. (Note: Don´t give them too much time to choose so that they remain spontaneous);

3/ Offer 2 extra minutes for people to get clear in themselves their connection to the selected card and take their place into a sitting circle;

4/ Invite each person to express for 2 minutes in front of the others: why they choose this card? What it means for them? What they would like the group to understand from it?

5/ Close the session by thanking the participants for what they expressed and explain what will be the next step of the evaluation (in order to address the issues that emerged and find solutions to some discomfort or problems that have been highlighted).

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